Changes 3

Each season, whatever is happening outside finds its way into my work--the patterns and textures on plants and trees, the changing light and colors. Walking in the woods around my house has inspired many of my paintings. Another major influence on my work is music. I started playing drums when I was 12. I’ve played in punk, roots, blues, and rock bands, and have collected records of just about every type imaginable since I was a kid. In recent years my focus has been on composing music for films using keyboards, percussion, and drums.

I start each painting by tuning into memories, emotions, and what’s happening in the world. Then, with a concept in mind, I sit down to mix colors. Once I get the colors I want, I use a palette knife to experiment with form and texture. The music I’m listening to influences the colors that I choose, the shapes I create, and the overall mood of a piece.